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Our website's main purpose is to share progress on our projects with all our partners. We have an open working style, valuing the trust people have of us to work remotely. This web site enables us to be open and share ideas as we go. It is a working place to publish progress, share ideas as they form and deliver on our contracts. It also serves as a diary of projects, so others might learn of our processes and give us advice.

We also use this site as a personal blog for family and friends to keep track of us as we travel in the remote beautiful parts of this great country.

We live in a camper and so living and working is one and the same. We love what we do, which is really having great camps, fishing and walking and yarning. Welcome to our world and say "Hi" to us as you use our site.

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Sturts  Desert Peas

 While visiting WA's Gibson Desert, we were treated to delighful shows of desert wildflowers everywhere we went. Happy to capture and share some of the diversity of the desert on our web site.


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