Artists in our collection

We have purchased Indigenous artwork from the Northern Territory and Queensland. We probably have the most art from Lockhart River where we know most of the artists and spend most of our time.

We hope our colleagues and friends will consider Indigenous art when purchasing art for investment, pleasure or gifts. Our work with art centres in 2008-2209 really spiked our interest again and added to a growing collection of Indigenous art in our home and office.

Most information sources from the web sites of the galleries we purchase from.

Wayne Warradoo

Wayne was a man who befriended me when working in Lockhart in 2002-2004. We shared a love of the water colours  around Lockhart and he gave me a great painting, I will treasure for ever. Wayne now lives and works from Hopevale.


Leroy Platt, Lockhart Art gang

Born in 1977, Leroy Platt is a member of the Lockhart River Art Gang, a group of young Aboriginal artists from the east coast of Cape York. Leroy began painting in the mid 1990s and paints inland and coastal landscapes of the country that surrounds Lockhart River. He also incorporates traditional design motifs of native birds and animals.

2008 Booker Lowe Aboriginal Gallery, Houston, Texas, US
2007 'Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River', touring exhibition at University of Queensland; Stony Brook University, Long Island, US
2006 'Gatherings II', Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

We have two pieces of Leroy's work and hope we can acquire more as his talent grows.




Irene Namok

Irene Namok is the mother of the very famous Rosella Namok and an artist in her own right with having participated in many successful exhibitions both solo and group. Irene’s work will be going overseas in 2010 .

Artist Statement:  “I was born on Thursday Island and my grandfather was a church minister at the Old Site. I was going to get married by the man I was going to marry died.  I have got six kids. Four boys and two girls, but one of my girls died so now I only have one. I like to paint about my culture because it’s all I know. The old ones have taught me and show me everything.  My paintings are about my emotions. I paint about the bush fires and the water holes. I paint the lagoons because we like to swim in the lagoons. I also paint about meetings times and festivals times and meeting places. We dress the kids all up and paint them all and we sit together and we yarn around the fireplace under the moonlight.”

Irene’s work is available from: Emerge Art Space Perth, Alcaston Art Gallery Fitzroy, Melbourne, KickArts Contemporary Gallery, Cairns, Australian and Oceanic Art, Port Douglass, Booker-Lowe Gallery Houston Texas

We have purchased a large piece of Irene's latest work as an investment piece.

Denise Fruit

Denise is a long term friend, who contributes so much to her community by caring for kids who need a family, and because of her work within the Women's group. Denise offered us a painting of her family's story of Lockhart and we treasure both the painting and its story. Denise is part of the Old Girl's section of the Art Gang. Her work has been exhibited as far away as Spoleto, Italy

DENISE FRUIT: My name is Denise Fruit. I'm from Weipa. I live in Lockhart for... 21 years. This is gonna make my 22nd year, now. I have one daughter. And I'm carer of six kids. I'm an artist here, for six months. And I love painting. Since I started with doing painting, it's been an in-going thing for me, you know? It's so good to be working with. And with other artists here, in this community. I find it relaxing. Which...six kids, it's very hard as a housewife. But doing painting here sort of relaxes my mind.

My first painting was about my partner's traditional land, about Wuthati country and his tokens. I just paint madly. I mean, it's something I do all my life growing up and doing my partner's traditional land and like my painting here is the rain, it's called 'Yaangkuyi'. There's three kind of language for rain in Lockhart and so 'Yaangkuyi' is the big rain.


We have purchased a number of burial poles and other carvings from Manigrida. We have a plan to go and get some more to build into our house renovation. If you have a chance to drop into Maningrida Art Centre - say hello to  Deborah, Clare, Marcus and the team and visit the superb Djomi museum and Art centre. Marcus Pascoe is an emerging artist there who is a great tour guide and all-round good guy. If you ever have the chance, read the book Balanda, my year in Arnhem land by Mary Ellen Jordon, which describes what life is like in Manigrida. We think our friends Clare and Marcus are the heroes of this book.

Injalak Arts, Gunbalanya (Oenepelli)

We bought a fair swag of art from Injalak, after running two computer workshops there. We gave so much to our family for presents because of its appeal. The only piece we kept was a beautiful basket, which is one our treasured mementos of our NT adventure. Our family will recognise the distinctive style of this area -


The art at Ngukurr was amazing and although we did not negotiate a purchase, we came to admire and respect the work of Alan Joshua Jnr. Allan's distinctive work has been purchased by Target for use in their Indigenous sheet collection. The colours of Ngukurr are captured by many artists at Ngukurr. If you ever get the chance, purchase the book, Marranbala Country” by Simon Normand. This book tells an amazing story of Indigenous history, is beautifully presented and more than anything, it helped us understand more about indigenous culture than most experiences. We were lucky enough to spend some time with some of the Indigenous Traditional owners featured in this book.