Community workshops

Our "workshops"

We will run some informal sessions based on what people need or are interested in rather than run a workshop. We will
  • Help people set up devices and computers to connect to the Active 8 wireless system.
  • If necessary, we will help people connect with schools of distance education, TAFEs or other training providers, especially to test video conferencing and other online services.
  • Help check computers for viruses and other nasties so people can have a safe fun experience.
  • Show some fun programs and apps that enable people to work with pictures and videos.
  • Show some educational games for people wanting to involve young children
  • Talk about and discuss the common safety issues with Internet use
  • (The content we will most likely address is avialable on this site).
  • Train up one person who can help others.
 We will also
  • Host a community meeting to discuss how the Internet service works and uncover issues and show possibilities
  • Help the community build a Community Code of Conduct, so people decide what is the best for their community
  • Collect some data so the trial can help us do better installation processes in other places. We will test and collect technical data, ask people about their use and past experience and generally document concerns, issues and hopes.

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  • We will leave a sample bag in each community and give some of these to different people. The bag has a book about cyber safety ( E-Guide on social networking), a CD of games including the e-buddy game, a poster, a ruler, a squeeze ball and general information.
  •  We have collected some resources and put them on this web site. We also have quick reference info
  •  We strongly recommend the following general sites to learn about Internet safety.
 Websites we will walk-through

Checking on Children's safety

  • We will discuss what protocols are in place.
  • We will talk about and set up parental controls on computers if wanted or required.
  • We will recommend the games and quizzes which adults ca play and discuss with children.
  • We will answer any questions or concerns.
  • We are happy to work with children in a "lesson" if parents of the community want.

 Important things to discuss

  • The download allowance of the service - 20GB
  • The roll over date for the new month. Eg Midnight on the 12th of a month at Chuula
  • The SMTP settings for outgoing maul -
  • The Youtube and other blockages found
  • The process for requesting a site or service be unblocked. Email Nirav Thakar with a CC to

 Notes about Blocked Sites

The Activ8 service has some sites blocked to prevent children from illegal sites and to help you save your  download allowance.  At this stage the following types of services are blocked.
  • Some You Tube Videos and some other video streaming sites
  • Photo sharing sites like PhotoBucket, Flickr and Picassa Web. Picassa web photos could be viewed from the Google Plus Secure access.
  • Some PDF and Excell files on some sites.