Eastern Cape York Heros

Paying back the service given to us

At Digital Learning Futures, we value the opportunity to promote sucessful Indigeneous Business whose services we use.

If you have a chance to choose who you purchase from or work with, please consider the following Indigenous enterprises.



Lockhart River Car Hire

Lockhart River Car Hire
Paul and Lanie Piva  042 760 7035
Email Paul and Lanie at paulpiva@bigpond.com

Multiple types of cars, airport service - an efficient and growing  family business.


Puchiwu Fishing Cooperative

Wayne Butcher and team 0428 104 615  or 07 4060 7134

Commercial or local sales - great quality and  terrific service. Also accommodation is available at Puchiwu.

Email wayne.butcher@deedi.qld.gov.au to find out more about Lockhart River commercial fishing.



Walker Family Tours

Francis Walker and her team  07 4060 8069 ffw@bigpond.com

An Indigenous tour guide service sharing stories about the Bloomfield Falls and Wujal Wujal community.