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About our role

Digital Learning Futures are contracted to Ngaanyatjarra Media in collaboration with Indigenous Remote Communications Association to deliver Everyday Skills Training to 13 Communities in remote WA deserts. We always hope to contribute to conversations about ways of learning in remote communities and applications for using new technologies that enhance remote lifestyles for Indigenous and visiting Australians.

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Program overview

The Everyday Digital Skills program will deliver training in IT skills to 13 Ngaanyatjarra communities. Training will be about using computers and mobile devices, accessing and using the internet, computer, mobile and tablets usage, privacy and online safety, word/text, multimedia apps, and the Ara Irititja archival project. This  training project is different in that the key model for learning will be through a range of engaging but rich projects.

The project exemplifies how projects enable people to develop and demonstrate a range of learning goals in the context of everyday life in communities.  The approach encourages people to move from being users of technology to makers of technology products, services and projects. This approaches sets NG Media  and Digital Learning Futures apart from typical training providers who focus on skills lists and software features.

 Community List

Ngaanyatjarra Communities
Kiwirrkurra Tjukurla Warakurna
Wanarn Tjirrkarli Kanpa
Warburton Cosmo Newberry Mount Margaret
Mantamaru (Jameson) Blackstone (Papulankutja) Wingellina (Irrunytju)
Patjarr (Karilywara)    







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