Getting connected

Devices to use

 You can use a laptop or desktop computer if it has wireless. 

PCs have to have wireless switched on with a switch on the top or side and others have to be switched from the Control Panel.
All Macintosh machines have to be switched on using Systems Preferences in the Networks Connections.

The exciting part is that you can use your smart phones and tablets (iphone/ipad or android) to connect to the Internet and use a variety of apps (little programs) to do all sorts of neat things.


Getting connected

Turn on wifi through the Settings on most devices.
You will need to connect to Activ8me_Wireless.
If you can't see that as an available network, your device is not wifi or the wifi is not turned on.

Using a laptop or computer

Surfing the web
You will use a browser to browse Internet sites. 
Use Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome.
Safari is becoming popular because it works on i-devices.
Choose one browser and stay with it, so you can save preferences and favourite sites in one place.
If possible set up Google as your Home page (the page that opens when you begin surfing) as you can then type anything you need into the search box and have fun exploring. is the address (or URL) for Google searching.
Mail tip
You may use a browser to do email or you may use a separate program like Microsoft Outlook to do email. If you move from place to place and use different devices and machines, you may prefer to look at email through the web browser as your mail stays on the web and you can access it anywhere. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express pull mail off the Internet and put it on the machine you are using.
You may need to change the SMTP outgoing mail server setting to 

Surfing tips

It is tempting to download and watch videos all day but this will use up your community monthly allowance in no time.
So avoid:
  • Watching long movies
  • Watching more than one You tube clip
  • Streaming music for more than one song
  • Downloading TV shows and music video clips
If you want to download music to play over and over, itunes is efficient. Pay for the music you like. You can buy digital books online too and there are free books. They download efficiently.

Notes about Blocked Sites

The Activ8 service has some sites blocked to prevent children from illegal sites and to help you save your  download allowance.  At this stage the foloowing types of services are blocked. You will see a Digital Doorways sign
  • You Tube Videos and some other video streaming sites
  • Photo sharing sites like PhotoBucke, Flickr and Picassa Web. Picassa web photos could be viewed from the Google Plus Secure access.
  • Some PDF and Excell files on some sites.

Smart phones and  tablets

 You use apps to surf the Internet, do email and do fun things.
Your device will have a few built in apps to get you started.

Use Safari to browse the Internet (Android uses an app called Browser)

  • Use Mail to connect to your mail service or if you use Google mail or similar web-based mail they will have an app for that.
  • You will need to set up the app with user names and passwords in the settings to get started.
  • You will have a Camera app to take photos and Photos app to look at them
  • You can search for apps using the App Store on idevices and Playstore On Androids.
  • In both cases you will need to set up an account. 
  • See tips on security and management of passwords on this site.
  • Don't link any credit card info to your accounts if you intent to share or loan your device.
See our list of apps you might enjoy.