NG Media Community Teams Project

Building Community- based NG Media Teams

NG Media have a new project which aims to build and stand behind community-based media teams, as they run NG Media services in communities. This will employ additional Yarnangu people in their communities and help them develop skills to open the media centre and do radio shows.  Community teams will come together to help each other across the lands as one big team.

NG Media have employed Michelle Williams and Paul Sutton from Digital Learning Futures to travel to communities. They will work with existing staff and find additional new people and stand behind everyone as they learn how to be a great NG Media team in their community. Michelle and Paul travelled to every community earlier this year, opening centres and running computer workshops. This time they will work intensely with NG media employees and potential employees, building up that local team.

Specifically their role is:
•    Help build a local Yarnangu team for NG Media in communities to offer local and regional services as part of the broader NG Media team.

o    Help identify good additional people and help them be involved
o    Help build the skills and knowledge of the local team, so they learn themselves and can help others
o    Support the team members to be strong and stand behind them as they do their job

•    Build links between teams so they can come together, stand behind each other as they do their jobs and make things happen on their own.

Michelle and Paul will travel communities from September to end October. They will also run a workshop for team members from every community in November. If you would like to be part of your local team, call Mark Finlay on 08 8956 7307 or talk to local NG Media people or Michelle and Paul when they visit.

Community Visits

When visiting communities, Michelle and Paul will work with NGM Local teams to identify local people to join the team. Together everyone will visit the community office and CDP office to talk about how others can be involved.   Everyone can work together to sign up people as employees if they persistently are involved in the local NGM team.  It is expected Michelle and Paul will visit at least twice over the next few weeks to support development and training of local teams.  Employing people with NGM is a goal of this project.

About Michelle and Paul

Paul and Michelle live in Ipswich, Queensland near Brisbane, where their families are. They have travelled to and worked in Indigenous Communities for 15 years. They have worked in the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem land, Groote Eyeland, Tennant Creek and many places in the Northern Territory, Cape York and the Gulf. They visited all the communities in the Ngaannyatjarra Lands earlier this year running workshops and meeting people. They will be travelling in their campervan to all communities for the rest of the year. Say hello.

For information on being involved, contact Michelle Williams 0414813491 or Paul Sutton 0418750236;   or Mark Finlay at NG Media 08 8956 7307