This is a list of the projects we have planned to fit  the Digital Skills Curriculum. We will add to and edit this list as the project training occurs. You can download posters and details of these projects below.

Downloads:      Learner projects                   Maker projects                             Ara Irititja Projects

 Learner Projects

Characteristics of projects:

•    Learn through playing and experimenting
•    Develop types of knowledge – content, design and technical knowledge.
•    Talk about learning and share products


Yarn about Games for kids Deadly pics Make a Photomovie.
Find and play some games or online services for a young child and then show another person the game explaining how to use it and why you recommend it. Take some great photos and use an app to improve or enhance the photo to share with someone else. On a theme like “My community” or “My family”, take or find photos and make a slideshow movie using a phone or iPad app to share with others or to keep for yourself.
My saying Know your phone Keeping treasures
Use photo editing or other app to make a “good sayings” poster that you can share on Facebook. Explore your phone and ask a helper to explain features and change some settings for safer use. Organise apps to suit you. With a helper decide where to back up photos and other treasures. If online set up accounts, or use memory sticks.
Connecting anywhere Be offline Make a talking diary
Get to know how to connect to Wi-Fi and control phone data. Tell some friends. Find out which apps and programs work offline for you and learn to use them well. Swap ideas with others. Keep a voice diary for a couple of things you did  or a great project or idea. Record anything, like children reading or birds singing.
Read an e-book Funny videos Bank online
Download and read some books or choose one to read to someone else Use YouTube to find a video to show others. Set up a YouTube account to keep track of your favourites With help if necessary, set up Internet banking for your accounts.

Maker Projects

Characteristics of projects:

•    Need to use many types of knowledge – content, design and technical knowledge.
•    Have a purpose and are useful.
•    Have an audience

Help children learn Hint of the day 5 tricks you need to know about your phone

Make a poster or postcard about a great app of an educational game for a young child.

Other ideas:
•    Educational videos
•    Maker apps – children make things with apps (eg painting)

Make a poster or facebook post with one handy hint for using your phone, a favorite app or a service you use.

You could build and record a radio ad.

Make a hint sheet for younger family or peers about their device.

Other ideas:
•    Saving power
•    Backuping up
•    Clever screen tips
•    Offline games/tricks
Tech Talk Yarning Best apps hey! Keep photos safe
Plan and host a yarning circle to exchange hints between a group of friends. You can plan an event, use a community notice board, use the community Facebook page to encourage people to share ideas.

Make a poster or facebook post about your favourite apps or apps around a theme, eg: fitness app

Other ideas:
•    Best apps for kids
•    Talking to friends
•    Offline games

Organise your photos into one cloud archive and show your collection to your family or friends

Think about the difference between synching and archiving 

Stories for children – be safe online Be happy online Helping others keep photos safe
Write a children’s story or build a picture book about being safe online for children you know.. Make a digital poster for sharing on Facebook about how to care for others online. Make a video, booklet or web page about where to store photos in the cloud, organise them, back them up, store them on memory sticks.
Plan your digital footprint Design an online interview Best deals
Investigate what a digital footprint is, check out the footprint you and others have left and set some goals for protecting yourself and sending a positive image online. Share what you learned and have done with others. Design an interview and work with others to conduct and record audio or online interviews.
Find out about and promote the best phone and Internet deals for people in the community. Use a poster, notice, online post or radio message.

Maker Projects for teams

Characteristics of projects:
•    Need to use many types of knowledge – content, design and technical knowledge.
•    Have a purpose and are useful.
•    Work with others to design, build and maintain


Sharing our place Community on radio Make a Geocache
Build a secure Facebook page for the community to share good news and info for visitors. Design a radio spot with a common format to share Technical ideas, tips and tricks and good news about people using devices in community. Record some episodes for the radio to play.
Design a Geocache in a public place to share the story of your community or place.

Ara Irititja project

Ara Irititja: Finding my people and place Ara Irititja: Add new items
Use the Ara Irititja database to find out about what is recorded about your family and your place. After exploring how items are listed in the database, work with others and helpers to organise and contribute your photos, stories or ideas.