NT Outstations Wi-Fi

Wonderful experience Angkula Team

Digital Learning Futures has just completed a project connecting 23 NT outstations to the Internet, providing Wi-Fi access. We undertook cybersafety training, general training on device connection and usage and undertook a range of tests and checks.

We were able to travel from Marmanya (at Urandangi) on the Qld border in the east to Mungurrupa (on Tanami Downs) on the WA Border. We enjoyed an amazing 12000 km journey through the central deserts of the NT meeting families from very spectacular places and landscapes. (Photo: team Angkula)

We were able to provide help to families from the following communities.

Burudu Kuminu
Foxalls Well Kuraya
Hatches Creek Lilly Hole Creek
Ileparratye Lul-tju
Illeuwurru Marmanya
Ilperle Muckarty
Impurla Mungurrupa
Imperrenth Palpang
Immerrenthe Penyeme
Jamelke Putulki
Wittin Spotted Tiger

We continue to provide online and phone support to these communites when asked.

We used the training materials and cybersafety sites on this web site.