Online teaching and learning

Ideas for engaging students in online events

Tweet n Chat

On a weekend, tweet out a list of 3-5 topics linked to a online poll and ask students to vote on the topic. Then at a prescribed time, run a chat session , have a moderator re-tweet bits of it or send summary every 10-15 minutes. Archive the session and encourage people to re-tweet for 24 hours after the chat. The lecturer also reflects and sends 1-2 tweets the next day.

Give it a fancy name, so it sounds catchy and cute and it will work well either once a week or maybe before crucial assessment or around significant events in the course. Less is more.

The ISTE mag (Learning and Leading) suggested it as a strategy for staff development, but I thought it might work for courses. The more controversial the discussion the better.

Could be applied for
- Analysing assessment pieces
- Discussing issues within topics (in a way to stimulate debate)
- Brainstorming ideas ( for using ICT in classrooms!) ;)
- Generating a sharing of student experience and knowledge
- Reflecting on prac
- Using an online guest
- Developing the habit of professional dialogue around the issues and events in a profession.


Hotlist of ideas

Khan Academy         Largest collection of very simple videos (mostly voice over and drawing)  on many topics - huge number of maths concepts explained witn considerable number of financial literacy and some art history. Might be useful to consider the style for quick productions to put on a CMS- students could make videos ike this. Great project showing how communications is changing the nature of things.

Key readings about online learning

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