Qld Outstations Wi-Fi Project

Exciting Wi-Fi project for Qld Outstations

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About the project

The Indigenous Communications Strategy funded now by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is providing Wi-Fi for all Queensland Outstations with existing Community Phones, during 2014. Digital Learning Futures is contracted to support outstation families to connect to their Wi-Fi and develop safe and secure practices around using the Internet.

This will include Outstations and very small communities (less than 50 people) on the Eastern side of Cape York around Cooktown and Lockhart, Western Cape York around Weipa Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama, Central Cape around Coen, and out through Dimbulah to Doomadgee. Mornington Island communities will also receive Wi-Fi as well as Marmanya at Urandangi on the Qld border. See our List of Outstations for details.

Michelle and Paul from Digital Learning Futures will turn on the Wi-Fi, help you connect all your devices, talk to you about cybersafety issues and provide general technical and other advice around Internet use.

How it works

The Wi-Fi is easily connected to the existing Stand-alone and wall mounted Satellite Community Phones. A small aerial will provide a Wi-Fi signal for up to 100 metres from the phone. During this year’s phone maintenance run, APN have installed a modem and router to collect the Internet signal and distribute it through the aerial. This does not cost your outstation any money for this installation. The Indigenous Communications Project has paid for the installation.

You have been given 20 GB of bandwidth per month for free. This will be enough for small families for general Internet use, providing you do not download movies, watch You Tube clips continuously or stream radio for hours. If you go over 20GB in a month, your Internet connection will slow down (or shape). There are no charges or bills for excess use. It will just be slow to use.

Michelle and Paul will visit you between July and November 2014 to turn on the Wi-Fi, check signals and operation, show you how to connect and talk to you about cyber safety issues.

You can connect with a Tablet (android or I-device), any computer with Wi-Fi options (most newish ones do) and with some phones. If your phone is a smart phone, with swiping and apps, it will most likely connect. On devices, you look in the settings menus and may have to turn the Wi-Fi on.

Your device or computer will see the Activ8 signal if it is capable and connect to it automatically. There is no password on the signal itself. Then you will be able to cruise the web, check email, play online games and access online services. Most people have a bunch of favourite apps they want to use. We can suggest some to get you started.

We will talk to you about protecting your devices from unwanted attacks, keeping your privacy and keeping banking and other passwords safe, as well as a bunch of other stuff. We usually stay with you at least half a day and in most cases, more time, to ensure you have everything sorted. We often ask you to camp at your place. We enjoy that the most.

Why the Internet will be helpful?

The Internet is great and now a part of modern life and can be very useful at Outstations.

You can

  • Connect for help and look up help for say, medical issues.
  • Keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Stay informed, keeping up with news, weather and local or global events.
  • Look up information for outstation business, personal interest or just for fun
  • Shop, order supplies, sell things or browse for best deals or accurate information on things you might want to buy.
  • Do Government and other business
  • Do banking and mind your finances.
  • Education and learning.
  • Conduct a business or enterprise
  • Work
  • Play games, do hobbies and generally have fun



Outstations are a way of leaving town, staying away from others who trouble you and help family and culture stay strong. The Internet connects you with the outside world and so you need to learn to stay safe on the Internet, so you continue to feel safe at your outstation.

When Michelle and Paul come and visit you, you will receive some Cybersafety advice and training. You will learn about avoiding online scams, keeping privacy settings, keeping important password and login information PRIVATE, preventing cyberbullying and shopping safely. They will also share some important information for keeping your family safe and answer any questions you have.

They will show you some videos and other resources, you might want to share with the family and people who visit the outstation. Check out the Links page for all the resources to share.