Qualities of activities

When selecting or designing actvities for Sea Country Guardians, we recommend that activities have the following qualities.

1. Have a strong likelihood of success.

·         Be achievable and sustainable within the available resource base.
·         Build on existing programs where practical rather than be something new to sustain.
·         Be simple to implement or have complexity appropriate to the user.
·         Be conducted by local community people/groups.
·         Be communicated clearly to the people involved.
·         Where appropriate, take advantages of partnerships with community and outside groups to strengthen the knowledge base and organisation of the activity.
·         Be appropriately resourced.
·         Be mentored by the GBRMPA or other partners.
2. Be focussed around nurturing stewardship of the sea country that impact on the reef.
3. Be authentic real projects where messages from the projects influence a local audience.
4. Build the capacity for young people to take on the responsibility of country guardianship and thus care for the reef by caring for the land.
5. Meet local community needs for the whole community, community groups or individual families.
6. Be conducted on country as much as possible.
7. Be visible in the community, demonstrating that Sea Country Guardian activity benefits young people, the community and environmental health.
8. Build community capacity to design and conduct Sea Country Guardian Educational Program activities.
9. Be sufficiently flexible in design to enable communities to adapt activities and materials to suit their needs.
10. Extend the reach of the activity beyond the immediate group/area. That is, connect to or influence areas and groups outside of the target community.