Training resources

There are great ways to share Cybersafety info with children. Use Games, Quizes and videos to show them Online Safety Ideas. Be sure to discuss them with your children and help them learn.

Be Deadly Online

Be Deadly Online is a custom built site to support Indigenous families and schools giving Online Safety Messages with Indigenous Children. An amazing collection of resources and ideas.



Great cybersafety videos to watch

A short video can really help you think about the issues.  

1. You tube has some great videos made by Indigenous people. Skinny Fish is the company who made them. They star B2M, who have important messages about sharing links and videos online. The must see B2M video.

2.  What happens when you post silly stuff online A Be Deadly Online Video.

3. Watch out that you have a positive Digital Footprint. If you don't , it will run you over later in life.
4. Cool animations on a variety of cybersafety topics.
5. For Facebook issues - check out the Lollipop interactive video or the You Tube  video
6. General Cybersmart videos from the CyberSmart Web site.
7. The Hector videos for young children are fun to watch
8. These videos and games will suit older children.
The video Tagged is 18 minutes long but excellent. 
9. The site Scamwatch has some great videos.


You can check out the fun quizzes below. Try them with a friend and decide on the best answers.


Some online games will be a fun way to test your knowledge and discuss cyber safety with your friends or your family.